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Mobile no Hosomichi

Matsuo Basho 松尾芭蕉

You know, like Oku no Hosomichi 奥の細道, or Narrow Road to the Interior, the verses of famed poet Matsuo Basho on his epic travels in Japan. Because I'm setting off on an, uh, epic journey to the world of mobile devices, and, it's like...

Okay, I changed the graphic theme of the site to one that's "responsive", which means it'll work better on mobile devices. That's all. Nothing epic going on after all.

But it will be nice that people can read and even comment via their iPhones and what not. I look forward to doing more interesting things with the site. (Incidentally, I like the idea of the "Japanese word of the day" currently placed at the top of the page, though the Google-supplied "gadget" for it doesn't always display correctly. Will fix it...)

Let me know of any problems you see with the site. Thank you always for your visits and comments!


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