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"Did I mention what kind of sword it is?"


Nothing terribly funny here, but I couldn't help a small smile at this:

Over on Amazon, Ace Martial Arts Supply sells a cleaning kit for swords. But not just any sword! Not even any katana sword. Nor just a samurai katana sword. No, Ace wants you to know that their cloth and oil is only for a Japanese Samurai Katana Sword.

Okay, I'm not even sure what's funny there. I guess I'm too easily amused today. But as long as I'm looking at the page:

Hey Ace, can you be a little more specific? Might that be an Oriental Asian Japanese Samurai Katana Sword Weapon Maintenance Cleaning Set Kit you've got there? Laughing



Redundant Redundancy!

Actually I think they were just keywording their sales title for SEO, but it still looks ridiculous, particularly from the vantage of a language enthusiast such as myself. 'Hey, is that a cutlass? Or is it a cutlass sword?' '...No, it's a Carribean Pirate Cutlass Sword, of course!'.Well, as specific as the title looks with all its silly trappings, upon closer review it's anything but. I know the site author knows this (and in fact has an article on this), but for folks in general: Both katana and sword are general terms, and even though single-edged curved slashing weapons were ubiquitous to the Samurai for a large period of Japanese history, it would be a mistake to assume the nihonto with the single-edged, curved blade, round tsuba, or crossguard and cloth-wrapped hilt was the only form of sword ever used by Japan's warrior caste.But that aside... marketing like this just makes me think of QVC and cheap reproduction display 'weapons'.


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