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Burger King Japan offers seven-patty monster

7-patty Whopper

Those who insist that food in Japan is all about dainty, lightweight portions must not know the Mega Mac, a four-patty Big Mac introduced by McDonald's to Japan as a short-lived gimmick, then given a permanent home in the menu when hungry gourmets demanded more. Well, Burger King Japan has outdone the Mega Mac: for a few days, it's offering a seven-patty Whopper. 

The septoburger is definitely a gimmick, available only from October 22-28 as part of a promotion for the Microsoft Windows 7 release. (I know at least one Tokyo Burger King, following the company's earlier withdrawal and re-entry into Japan, is now located inside an electronics retailer.) If the Windows label on your food doesn't spur a gush of acid reflux, the meat just might: not only are there seven slabs of beef on the burger, but each is a quarter pound, over twice the weight of the Big Mac's measly cow wafers. A Mega Mac holds less than half a pound of beef; the Windows 7 Whopper, almost two pounds.

With a reasonable price of ¥777, I expect a lot of young men ordering these on dares. I expect a few may even polish one off. There's not much time to get one, and even then only 30 giant burgers per store per day get the special pricing (later purchasers dish out ¥1450), so rush out now! 


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